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Hard Hitting MLM Recruiting Tactics


This is a hardcore recording of me covering some of my very best MLM recruiting tactics, you are gonna get a lot of value out of this.

What is Left to Be Said About MLM Recruiting?

Not a lot to be honest but I find that people still struggle to sponsor people into their opportunity, even when the opportunity is awesome, so, I will continue to train on MLM recruiting so long as people still need it.

If you want to improve the results of your MLM recruiting and prospecting, this video is without a doubt, worth it’s weight in gold!

What’s Inside this Video

– I cover several “false assumptions” that network marketers make when it comes to their experience with MLM recruiting

– We cover how objection handling actually makes very little difference when it comes to sponsoring more reps

– We discuss the standard, easy to follow blueprint, to say less to more people and actually get bigger results

– I also talk about prospecting broke people, what to do and what NOT to do

You may have seen me teach on MLM recruiting before but this google hangout we did last night, is a little different, we go totally off script and dive deep into some areas I really haven’t touched on before. Enjoy this over hour video (that could easily be a paid training) and I hope this helps you and your business goals!

Video on Recruiting and Prospecting


Want your feedback! Comment below on the biggest nugget you got out of this training. Did you learn a thing or two? Comment below and share this around if you feel it will help us raise the vibration of this entire industry!

To Your Abundance!

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