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Product objections are so common in network marketing and cause so many unclosed sales, which is something we cover frequently in Rank Makers.

Today I’m talking about when to spend time handling product objections and specifically, what to say to a prospect.

How To Handle Objections About Your Product

When prospecting, objections will usually come from people here and there, and typically we just want to move on to the next prospect.

But sometimes you do want to handle those objections, so let’s talk about when is it ever okay to handle them and how should you handle objections.


The first, and most important way you need to handle product objections is posture. I talk about the importance of posture all the time.

Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval.

It’s recognizing that you are the prize, and that you have a solution to your prospect’s problems. So regardless of what someone has to say about you or your product, you know that credible and full of value.

But, when is it ever okay to handle objections?

For example, I  have had a cold market prospect that watched the video and got the total wrong idea of what the products are, so that’s a time when I would want to educate and handle those objections. So there’s a balance.

In our Closing Blueprint, which we sell, we walk you through how to close.

Let’s say  you did the proper step in that you had them watch a video, then they watched the video and you followed up with them by saying “Hey, what’d you like about what you saw? ” They said to you, “I don’t like it that it blah, blah blah” or whatever strange conclusion they came to.

Then I want to efficiently express shock and astonishment at their lack of understanding of the video, but then I want to roll it back around to figure out a very important component.

What Were They Hoping To See?

The very important component is why did they watch the video, and what were they hoping to see.

So if someone doesn’t like my video, I’m going to address it.

I don’t see it as an objection necessarily, but I’m going to address it.

I’m going to say:

“Oh wow man. Are you sure you watched the right video, the one with the airplane, the one with the blue stripe? Are you sure you watched the right video because we don’t do that, and that’s not what it actually does. I’m sure we can figure this out, but I’m just curious, why did you take the time to even watch the video?”

Going into education mode in this scenario is non close mode. A lot of people think that the better they get at answering questions and objections, the better they will close – but that’s not true.

If someone doesn’t like your video, you need to roll it back and ask them “Well, I’m just curious, why did you watch the video? What were you hoping to see” because then we can deal with that.

If you find out what they want, you can go from there vs trying to troubleshoot their translation, albeit a poor one of the actual video. If I know what someone wants, then I can show them how my product will help them.

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