IF you are playing big, you have a dream stealer or two in your life. This is how to handle them.

Watch this short video if you have been struggling with how to handle a dream stealer.

They’re all gonna laugh at you

IF you are to be successful, you HAVE to stop worrying so dang much about fitting in with people that have no say in the well-being of you or your family.

I believe one of the main reasons people don’t continue on the path to success is their great concern over how people see them and their concern on what people will say if they fail.

The truth is, you very well could fail, but only if you quit.

There was once a guy that got his idea rejected 1,009 times. Imagine what HIS friends thought? Can you imagine having an idea that over 1,000 people told him was a terrible idea? How would you feel? Well, you’d probably be OK with it knowing you were Colonel Sanders and the world now knows you.

Give up on the idea that you will be a quick success and also give up on the idea that the opinions of your friends that aren’t playing big matters.

Video: Exactly how to Handle a Dream Stealer

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