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Greetings from London!


My wife and I are having a blast over in London and thought I would shoot a quick video for you!

This video shares some sights from the Tower of London (where they keep the Crown Jewels).

Why are We in London?

I have always wanted to visit London and one of our teammates has been crushing it so we came out here to work with our team. We decided a few weeks to do a generic network marketing event as well which is sold out so we are super excited for that as well!

In a later post I will share all the pics and videos from the different sights but for now just wanted to say a quick hello to you!

One thing I say in the video is my wife and I wanted to travel so we created a life that provided us with the type of income to do so, I hope you do the work needed to create the life that YOU want! Let me know how I can help you accomplish that!

Greetings from the Tower of London

Here’s to YOU creating a business that allows you to see the world and whatever cities you want to. It wasn’t easy building a network marketing income as well as our coaching and training business but it sure was worth it!

Drop me a comment if you have any suggestions on what else we should do while here in London!

To Your Abundance!

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