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Limited Time:
Get a Copy of my First Book,
Think and Grow Rich for Network
Marketers and a Bonus!

my first bookFor a very limited time you can grab your copy of my first book, Think and Grow Rich for Network Marketers and a HUGE bonus, read on for details!

Why I Made This My First Book

I have been humbled when asked when I planned on writing my first book and the time is here! In the below video I share the history of how this book came to be written and how it has been over two years in the process.

My friend and the editor of this book, best-selling author Rebecca Woodhead, says this book is monumental and is this generations’ translation of Napoleon Hill’s immortal text. This is a modern day verison of a Think and Grow Rich workbook well-suited for today’s network marketer.

Testimonial for Think and Grow Rich for Network Marketers

“Think and Grow Rich has been around since 1937 and many, many entrepreneurial souls have read it. Ask almost any successful self-made man or woman and they’ll probably tell you that they’ve read it, if not more than once. But sadly, many, many more people have thumbed through it, scanning its quaint language and slightly antiquated references and have laid it aside, believing it irrelevant for ‘our times’.Fortunately, every generation has a ‘voice’, someone who has mastered these timeless precepts and can translate and present them to their peers in a way that the average man can understand, a way to make it relevant, and more importantly USABLE, so that the average man doesn’t stay average.

Through the decades since TaGR was published, its voice has been heard through Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Jim Rohn, and Tony Robbins. Now it has a voice to speak directly to the new breed of entrepreneurs, the network marketing industry, and that voice is Ray Higdon.” – Jacqui Gates

For a VERY limited time you can grab your copy of my first book and the best bonus I have ever given away on ANY project here

Video Details on Book and Bonus


 Grab Your Copy Here!

This will be available in this format for a limited time, and the bonus even more limited. Once you get your copy, please read through it and give me your feedback, so honored and humbled and hope this really helps you take your business and life to the next level!

To Your Abundance!

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