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Got Mobile Marketing?
The Scoop on Global Apps Network

So you are interested in Mobile Marketing? Check out Global Apps Network and exactly how it works before you spend too much!

What is Global Apps Network?

Vince Reed, a good friend of mine, is the founder of Global Apps Network and it is a powerful new way for you to to a few different things. With Global Apps Network you can:

– Get leads for 1-3 cents each
– Build your own app
– Sell apps to other businesses and earn $1,000 commissions
– Gain access to some cutting edge training.

Video: Full Details on Getting Leads and More with GAN


There is no doubt that the world is going mobile, with 1 out of every 3 people having a smart phone right now and everyone slated to have one in the next 3-5 years, there is no doubt you SHOULD learn how to market on these devices and that more and more small business owners will be getting an app for their business.

With Global Apps Network you can earn commissions, get leads, and learn cutting edge marketing that will take your business to the next level. I am a promoter and a user of the service, if you would like to check out my app, loaded with free training videos and audio interviews, simply text rayhigdon to 72727 and you will be sent a link to easily download it on your iPhone or Android.

Before you spend $1-$3 on leads through other mediums, watch the video above to learn how to get leads for 1-3 CENTS each and don’t spend an arm and a leg for your own app, GAN will help you accomplish that too. Here are some additional resources for you:

Register here to catch a live webinar for Global Apps Network

Go here to sign up for the $19 trial

Check out Global Apps Network Super Saturday Specials

To Your Abundance!

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