Go For No to Increase MLM Recruiting Results

You may have seen my interview with Eric Worre awhile back where I talked about “Go For No” and how I used that strategy to get out of Foreclosure and into MLM success. This short video breaks that down.

Watch this short video to learn why the Go For No approach works and how you can learn more about how to apply it.

Why it works

The reason Go For No works is it does two things. (1) It adheres to SINLOA (Safety in numbers and law of averages) but it more importantly does (2) intercepts and alters your emotions about rejection.

Most people are way to terrified of rejection to make it in network marketing. What they fail to realize is a fear of rejection is just evidence that you care more about how you look to others than actually making a difference. When you constantly hold on to the desire to “look good” you miss the opportunity to make a difference or help someone change their life. Go for no does a great job of helping you understand not just this but that throughout history, those who decided to go for no became the biggest contributors to society.

How I Boosted my MLM Recruiting

Back a few short years ago I was dead broke and in Foreclosure. My back was against the wall. Inside the below video I share exactly what I did and how I applied the Go for No approach to change my life. I encourage you to pay attention as this could be the breakthrough you need in your life.

Video: How I Used Go For No

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What if your team started going for no? What if they took the advice in this video and really ran with it? You might just create an army! Feel free to share this and appreciate any comments below!

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To Your Abundance!

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