Go for No but Energetically Getting to Yes

I have talked a lot about the Go for No training but isn’t this directly opposed to what I teach about guarding your language? Learn the distinction here today

Watch this short video to learn why if you learn go for no, you can still work on getting to yes energetically.

The Real Power of Learning Go for No

Most people are terrified of rejection and they invest way too much time in being bummed out by it. Anyone who has actually done sales for a living isn’t really phased by it but they forget what it was like when they first start and that is why so many people fail in network marketing…it is the way they handle rejection.

The true power of learning what is taught by Go for No authors Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton is the letting go of the emotional impact a no has on you. Watch the video to see what I mean

Video: Managing the Energy and Getting to YES

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To Your Abundance!

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