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Give Your Higher Self a Chance to Succeed in MLM

You have a caged lion within you that is scratching to get out. That lion would love nothing more than to boost you to the top of your organization, gain you a ton of recognition in the industry and give you the feeling of accomplishment. The problem is a lot of people never let this lion come out of it’s cage. This blog is dedicated to the people that want to unleash their lion within and finally succeed in MLM.

Remember the times..

There have been times in your life when the lion came out. Maybe it was in a speech, on a baseball diamond or football field or perhaps in an interview. This temporary unleashment made you feel powerful, had you forget your problems and gave you the feeling that you were unstoppable. This can also be referred to as “being in the zone”.

When you are in the zone you vision narrows, you might see darkness in your periphery but your focus is laser sharp and you feel no pain or exhibit zero worry or fear. Everyone has the ability to tap into this, but most people, other than competitive athletes, get into this zone more than a couple times in their life.

How to keep the Lion caged forever

No one should want this but if you wanted the blueprint of how to NOT EVER get into the zone or unleash the lion, here is how you could accomplish that.

– Be skeptical and or cynical
– Exhibit frustration, anger or jealousy at those that are successful
– Create justifications of why you are not where you want to be in life
– Blame anything outside of yourself for your current circumstances

How Trump Suggests Unleashing the Lion

I picked up and skimmed through a Donald Trump book called “Think like a champion”. Like him or not, he is Da Trump. I am unsure if the book was written by him but who knows, and, it really doesn’t matter as the content is good. Here are some key points I got out of the book related to this topic:

– Your higher self is in direct opposition to your comfort zone. If you are attempting to grow in an uncomfortable way, congratulations, that is what winners do.
– No one wants to simply tread water just to avoid going under. For those that are sick and tired of living check to check, maybe it is time to get a little uncomfortable with your daily routine and goals.
– Always know that you could be on the precipice of something great. When you decide that something is simply not going to work out, you dictate the results.
– Fear has a way of making things bigger than they are. There’s an old German proverb to the effect that “fear makes the wolf bigger than he is”. The opposite of fear is faith, which is one reason you have to believe in yourself.

Winner or Whiner?

There is a little book out there called the top 10 distinctions between winners and whiners. The number one distinction is “Winners create positive meanings, whiners create negative meanings”. Well, what does that mean?

You see, as I learned from the landmark education forum, we are all “meaning making machines”. We make everything mean something even when we have little to no valid information. A winner see opportunity with “what is” and a whiner sees what is wrong with their story they created about what happened. You can see this in everything from business to family relationships to marriages.

Stop spending time creating meanings out of things you cannot possibly know. Focus on yourself and what opportunities are around you and what resources you have to accomplish them. When you get out of that negative meaning making machinery, you can at least see the caged lion within you and choose to unleash it.

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