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How to Get Twitter Followers Fast


Want to learn how to get Twitter followers fast? Today I have a special video from my amazing wife, Jessica.

Watch this short video to learn how to get Twitter followers right now!

Not on Twitter? Should You Even Bother?

In an answer, yes, you should be on Twitter because your prospects are.

Twitter has 635 million active users with 135,000 new people signing up each day. Twitter gets 190 million unique visits per month and every second of the day over 9,000 tweets are sent.

You see, whether you like the 140 character universe or not, there are YOUR potential customers on it and using it and YOU should be there too. By the way, Follow me on Twitter if you aren’t already!

More Twitter Marketing Tips

My wife, in the below video, shares with you how to get Twitter followers fast, but here are a few more twitter marketing tips:

1. Use where you are strong to build where you are weak. If you have a strong Facebook throng, suggest they follow you on Twitter too

2. Don’t just post links, post quotes, images, etc. You want interaction vs look like a spammer.

3. Next time you read a great book, watch a good training or buy a great course, find the author on Twitter and give them a shoutout, sometimes they will mention you and their followers might pick you up as someone to follow.

Video Training: How to Get Twitter Followers Fast

Isn’t Jessica awesome? She’s the brains of our social media marketing efforts. One of the places she learns our stuff is from MITS. Please share this with anyone that might want to learn how to get Twitter followers and also comment below if you think she’s awesome!

To Your Abundance!

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