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Get More Network Marketing Leads This Year

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Want more network marketing leads but don’t understand Internet marketing? Stay tuned, this will share how I started and how you can too!

Watch this short video to learn how to get network marketing leads NOW, even if you don’t have a great website or blog.

When I Started…

I started fooling around with online MLM strategies back in 2009 and got consistent with it in 2010. A LOT of the things I hear new marketers say they HAVE to have to start generating network marketing leads online, I just didn’t have.

Here’s what I didn’t have when I started:

– A good-looking site. In the video I even share a story where I was at an event and another marketer commented on how ugly my site was (from stage) lol

– A great camera

– Professional photos

– A logo

– A capture page

You see, when I started this journey of marketing online, I sure as hell hoped I could generate some network marketing leads but I didn’t generate that many but I also didn’t have a lot of things in place that we do now.

You Can Start Now

So if you are in a similar position as I was, NOT having all those things that some people say are needed for online MLM marketing success, good news! I am going to share with you what you can do right now to STILL get more network marketing leads coming to you.

By the way, on Monday, January 6th a special guest trainer and I are doing a webinar to help you create your 2014 marketing plan, you can register here for this Free Webinar

However, until then, watch this short video to learn what you can do TODAY to start getting more network marketing leads.

Video: Network Marketing Leads and Getting Them BEFORE You Have Everything Setup

Was that video helpful? IF you have been procrastinating on taking action to get more marketing out there…well, how is that working for you? Follow the advice in the above video and get your network marketing leads machine cranking for 2014!

Would love to hear your comments if you know you have been waiting to have everything perfect BEFORE you started marketing. Feel free to share this with others if you got benefit.

To Your Abundance!

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