How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It

This post will attempt to help you learn how to get motivated when you just don’t feel like it.

Feel free to share this with anyone who may need this type of help and encouragement.

People Call me a Beast

Last year I spoke at an event in Austin and one of the other speakers called me a beast as I was so consistent. Here’s a secret, I don’t always feel like it (more on that in the below video).

But it is true, there are many, many times that I don’t feel like producing new content, shooting videos or writing a blog, I simply do because the vision of who I want to become is greater than my ability to get distracted or to allow the lack of motivation on any particular day to slow me down.

How to Get Motivated

1. Know who you want to become. I call this your vision.

2. Understand the alternative. When you struggle with how to get motivated, remember the alternative of success and stare down that barrel. It just might be enough to make a decision to move forward on that particular day but I have found that negative focusing won’t usually get you to STAY motivated.

3. Do something productive. IF you just cannot bring yourself to prospect, study. Having a core set of good habits will serve you.

The TRUTH about Not Feeling Like it

Did you need to hear that? Was that helpful? Sure hope so! Feel free to comment below if you got value and share or tag anyone who may also need to hear this.

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