Network Marketing eventEver struggle with how to get people to your Network Marketing event? This post will share some powerful strategies to get more people to show up.

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Finally! Get more People to your Network Marketing Event (for your Product or Opportunity)

Most network marketers are not taught marketing, they don’t understand branding, they don’t really understand anything around sales and actual marketing. They may understand networking, they may understand prospecting, they may understand closing, but they usually are totally clueless when it comes to branding and marketing.

How do you get anyone to do anything? I would talk about the benefit to them, the benefit to them. This is in a broad sense called, “Attraction marketing,” right? You see it every single day by the way, you just don’t label it attraction marketing. For example here, at least in the United States, we have a do it yourself building supply company, home improvement store called, “Home Depot.” Often throughout the month, Home Depot will run clinics where they teach you how to lay tile, where they teach you how to hang drapes, etc.

They say, “Free class, how to lay tile.” You go in there IF you want to learn how to lay tile.  You go to the store, they teach you, “Here’s the grout, here’s the spacers, here’s the ceramic, or the porcelain,” and then guess what? Well if you’d like to buy some grout, “We have it on sell right there.” Guess what? If you want the ceramic tile, “It’s on sale right now, it’s only 59 cents a tile, there it is right there.” They urge you into the store not because of a sale, not because, “Hey ceramic tile, buy 1 get 1,” right? No, they got you in because of attraction marketing. They got you in because of education.

They looked at their target market, people who like to do it yourself kind of stuff, and they say, “Hey, what can we throw out there as bait to get them into our store?” Once you’re in the store, your chances of purchase something skyrockets. Now, do some people go to the store and just kind of walk the class, and, “I’m not buying anything.” Of course, right? Very similar to our blog. In the last 7 years we’ve generated an email list of 190,000 people, and of those 190,000 I would say maybe 35,000 have purchased something, right? That means a vast majority of them came to the tile class, IE my blog, and consumed the information, free coaching Friday, a live-stream, a podcast, or some other kind of blog video. Consume the information, maybe they shared it, maybe they didn’t but didn’t buy something. That’s okay.

With that in mind the questions you really want to ask yourself is, “who is my target market? Who am I trying to attract, and what do they struggle with? What can I lead with as far as benefit?”

The typical network marketer will say, “Hey, come hear me pitch grapety grape. Grapety grape presentation at 7:00 o’clock.” Not 1 human on the planet is interested in hearing your pitch about grapety grape. What if, what if grapety grape gave you tremendous energy, and helped you with sugar cravings?

Follow me here. If that’s the case, if my target audience are people who struggle with sugar cravings, maybe they have muffin tops, or love handles, maybe they need more energy in their life, then what if I did an event that said, “7 ways to improve your energy while eliminating sugar cravings.” No company name anywhere, no button, no grapety grape hate, none of that, right? Sheer benefit. That would do what? It would get them into the store, just like Home Depot, just like attraction marketing.

See where I am going? Watch the below video for the full instructions on how to get WAY more people to WANT to attend your Network Marketing event. This is NOT taught by any company that I am aware of but WILL help you get a standing room only room full of eager people wanting to learn more (you are welcome!)

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