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Fun Video: Our Team Trip to Cancun

Not a lot to learn in this blog post but it sure is fun! Hot tubs, bikinis, funny tropical drinks and even one of my friends singing “Purple Rain”..welcome to our team trip to Cancun!

How we won the Trip to Cancun

This was our eight fully paid for vacation that we have won and it was awesome. The dreams resort Riviera Maya was a blast and a great all-inclusive location. The team took up 55 rooms and it was non-stop fun. Even though the weather channel told us it would rain and thunderstorm the entire weekend, it actually only did that the first day and a half we were there and the rest of the days were awesome.

If your company does incentive trips, make sure you get on them as when the people that doubted you and your business see all the pics and videos from your trip, they will get excited. We won this trip to Cancun by connecting mainly with people online and showing them the opportunity.

The Thing About Network Marketing…

Building a network marketing business is hard work but so is almost anything else. I know people that work just as or possibly harder than me but they DON’T win trips or get paid a residual income from their efforts.

When people ask me how much I made in my first month, I happily tell them that I don’t know as I am continuing to be paid from that very first month. IF you know you are going to work hard at something, why not do it in an industry that will reward you forever?

Video: Our Team Trip to Cancun

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