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Fun Video: Our Cruise to Jamaica
and Grand Cayman

Great Place!

Great Place!

We just got back from our cruise to Jamaica, Labadee and Grand Cayman and thought I would share our fun and funny video!

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There are a couple cool things about this 7 day cruise to Jamaica:

1. It was free. We won this by promoting our MLM business and they rewarded us and 100+ others in our team with this free cruise.

2. Because we have created residual income, while we partied our butts off, we actually made more money than we spent on souvenirs and drinks all while enjoying this luxury cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas.

Can you spot me?

Can you spot me?

3. We had 100+ people from our team on this cruise and the cool thing was I had about a dozen of my closest friends on the ship. If you are in network marketing, at least test the openness of your closest friends to see if they wanna create a better lifestyle by working a side project. For more info on how to talk to people, check out my recruiting product at My Sponsoring Secrets.

Warning About This Video!

When we go on a cruise with our friends and teammates, we have a LOT of fun! There are some crazy fun times in this video so just be prepared! If you are a cool person I hope we get to party with you someday!

Video: Cruise to Jamaica and Beyond!

If you are super happy with your Network Marketing company, upline and mentorship you are receiving, reach out to your upline and see if your company does free trips, if you are not satisfied with any of those, shoot me an email to see if we can work together ([email protected]), I will be mentoring some people all throughout 2013 to groom them to reach the next level in their life and business.

To Your Abundance!

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