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From McDonalds Employee to
$10,000 a Month in Online Income

You hear a lot of amazing stories in the Network Marketing industry but this one may just take the hotcake. Listen in on this audio on how this 22 year old went from Minimum wage working the drive-through at McDonalds to $10,000 months in online income.

Audio: How Brian became a Big Mac of Online Income

You can listen in on this audio I recorded the other day with Brian Cole. Brian was nice enough to share his story with us and I put it on my Home Business Radio Show, to listen to the audio, Click Here

My Reaction to his Story

After you listen to the audio and the nuggets he shared (not chicken nuggets), it is going to be real tough for YOU to have any excuses on why you cannot create an online income.

If you…

– Are currently making more than minimum wage
– Passed any class in college
– Working 40 hours a week or less

There is no longer any excuse for you.

Excited to Share the Stage with Brian in October

How many people do you think need to hear Brian’s story? Feel free to share this post on Facebook. I love how he describes punching the clock each morning knowing that someday he would not have to do that anymore. Not only has this young man gone on to create a very serious online income but he is now a featured speaker at Live the Dream 3. Brian and I both will be sharing our stories at this killer event and as of the writing of this post you can still grab tickets for under $100 (but still worth it when the ticket price doubles).

There are many people out there that AREN’T only 22 years old, AREN’T a McDonalds employee, and DIDN’T fail every class in college. Please understand that there is ZERO valid excuse for you not to have success, now, lets talk about the best thing about YOU becoming successful…

You are Selfishly Hiding Your Story

What would have happened if Brian didn’t have success? What if Brian decided to spend his nights watching movies and chasing girls rather than working on his online income? What if Brian decided to go to college parties and get wasted instead of building his business? What if Brian decided to focus on his McDonalds career and become a manager? Well, then, NO ONE would ever have been inspired by his story. That would have made Brian…a very selfish person.

You have a story.

You’ve been kicked in the teeth, you’ve been told you couldn’t make it, and you’ve faced ridicule. You can either own it and become a rockstar anyway or you can selfishly roll over and let the world stick it to you remaining anonymous and an influencer of no one. But, I just don’t believe that is what your destiny holds. I believe YOU are going to create a story that people get fired up by and when you do, I’d love to interview you. Share this message with people who deserve to hear it and if you wanna meet Brian and I in person, be sure to grab your early bird tickets to Live the Dream 3 here.

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