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Free Coaching Friday: More MLM Tips

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So every other week or so, YOU get to drive my blog. Today is Free Coaching Friday where I answer your tough questions on building your MLM business.

What’s Inside This Weeks Free Coaching Video

In today’s video I am covering the following, all based on questions submitted on my Ray Higdon Facebook Fan Page (click like if you have not already so YOU can start submitting questions to me)

– MLM Tips to help you build your business

– My suggestions on converting leads and how to improve

– How to deal with skeptical people

– How I created and prioritize my daily routine

– How to get more MLM leads

Video: MLM Tips and Coaching for You

Not sure if it is just my computer but the audio may be out of sync, not sure how to fix that so, sorry! Hopefully you still get some value.

To Your Abundance!

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