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Free Coaching Friday
All About MLM Recruiting

Lighthouse in Cabo, where they filmed Troy

Lighthouse in Cabo, where they filmed Troy

Everyone always loves Free Coaching Friday! This one is all about MLM recruiting and prospecting.

What is Free Coaching Friday?

Free coaching Friday is something I do every once in awhile where I ask a question on my Facebook fan page and then shoot a video answering the questions. This week I asked everyone to hit me with their biggest questions about MLM recruiting and prospecting.

MLM Recruiting does NOT have to be hard

I teach people how to talk to people that they know and don’t know in a very non-salesy, non-begging way that simply works. Today’s video provides insight into the following questions:

How to get over the overall fear of MLM prospecting and recruiting?

Duplication, I cannot get my team to duplicate what I do

How do you best get people over to the phone from a facebook conversation?

How to approach a customer without sounding like a sales person?

What do you do if you’re an unknown and nobody?

What is your favorite response to the “I have no money” objection?

When working the business part time, where should we focus our limited time to get full time fast?

and more!

Video – Free Coaching on MLM Prospecting

After I finished the video I saw more comments on the Facebook thread, sorry if I missed your question but hope you got value out of the recruiting questions I did answer in the above video!

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To Your Abundance!

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