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My Very Best MLM Prospecting Scripts

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 4.08.06 PMYou are gonna love this free audio, it contains my best MLM prospecting scripts, especially how to handle common MLM objections.

Common Errors With MLM Prospecting

The most common mistake made in regards to MLM prospecting is not talking to enough people. The second mistake is saying too much to the people you DO talk to.

This audio below will help you maintain your posture and power and increase your effectiveness when you are getting the tough MLM objections.

What MLM Objections do I Cover?

Most of the common ones. In this MLM prospecting scripts audio I cover the following:

– What to say when they don’t have money
– What to say when they tell you they don’t have time
– What to say when they ask if it is a pyramid
– What to say when they tell you they don’t know anyone (this alone will make you a TON of money if used properly)
– What to change in your MLM prospecting if people tell you it is too expensive

These are ALL big objections that are actually very easy to handle. Learn how to overcome even a couple of them and the results you get in your MLM prospecting will go through the roof!

Favor to Ask in Regards to These MLM Prospecting Scripts…

Listen, I could charge for this audio, seriously. It answers THE most common objections with network marketing and I don’t sugarcoat or hide anything, I give it to you raw! If you appreciate me just giving this audio away, please return the favor by leaving me a comment below and sharing this on Facebook. Obviously you can just listen to the MLM prospecting scripts audio and NOT comment or share on Facebook and I would never know but hope you show appreciation with the time I put into this and you DO comment and share so long as you have a minute to do so.

Your Free Network Marketing Training Audio

You can download this, share it with your team, do whatever you would like with it. I would love your feedback on my take on MLM prospecting scripts and how to overcome these common objections. In my opinion a lot of the network marketing scripts out there put you on the defense, not mine.

Here is the download link for you:

Download MLM prospecting scripts mp3 here

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To Your Abundance!

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