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Free Audio: Mike Hobbs on Lead Generation


Today you are in for a treat! Mike Hobbs is an EXPERT at lead generation and in today’s blog you can download this free audio training.

Listen to this brief interview I did with Mike Hobbs to learn how to learn lead generation and have people asking YOU about your business!

Who is Mike Hobbs?

Mike is a diamond coaching client of ours that I see as many things:

1. The dude provides a TON of training and value to the marketplace.

2. Awesome family man, in fact him and his beautiful wife Christy just had a baby girl the other day (Zoey).

3. One of the nicest guys I know. He is that unassuming guy that you will find at training events that makes multiple six figures a year but you would never guess it.

Why Learn Lead Generation?

My wife and I teach that there are two main ways to build your business, the number one way is active prospecting. Active prospecting is YOU reaching out to an individual, online, offline, warm or cold market and attempting to get your company presentation in front of them. The other way is passive marketing. Passive marketing is where you take an action in the hopes that an unnamed individual responds or reacts to it.

When you get good at lead generation, you may not have to hustle as much in the active prospecting department. When I was first starting out, you may have heard the story that I was going for 20 no’s a day, that was ALL coming from active prospecting and me going out there and hustling. If you aren’t generating leads, you do need to work on your prospecting time management without a doubt.

Free Audio: The Mike Hobbs Interview

If you know Mike Hobbs you probably love him, feel free to share this with your teammates. If you got value from this interview and would like me to do more interviews like this, please share and comment and let me know what you liked best!

To Your Abundance!

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