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Free Audio: Interview with MLM Leader Robert Hollis


Could you learn from an MLM leader that made over $2.5 million last year? Well, listen in and pay attention to this powerful interview with Robert Hollis!

One of the MLM Secrets

I have had the opportunity to interview all kinds of MLM leaders in all kinds of different network marketing companies and there is definitely at least one trait that is similar in all of them..attitude.

I have yet to meet an MLM leader that had a defeatist or entitled attitude, they always have an upbeat, positive attitude and today’s interview with MLM leader Robert Hollis proves that once again.

Where I met Robert Hollis

The esteemed Eric Worre asked me to speak at his last recruiting mastery event and it was in the VIP networking session that I met Robert Hollis. A crowd of people was around him as he recanted tales of building network marketing around the globe and how dicey it could get in certain countries. He had everyone, including me, cracking up from his hilarious stories. This is a great lesson as I have made the best relationships at events, if you have the opportunity to get to an event to meet some of these MLM leaders, make sure you do so.

Audio Interview with This MLM Leader!

You can listen to the audio interview here. As there is nothing for sale in the audio or anything like that, I’d greatly appreciate if you would share this around and comment below.

How is that working?

Robert just wrote a new book called “How is that working”: A roadmap from Rat Race to Freedom.

Robert has built a team of over 600,000 people in his network marketing company and I can tell you that what is inside of this book is pure gold. If you haven’t already bought a copy of this amazon best seller, I would highly suggest doing so and if you enjoyed the audio interview I did with Robert, please share this post with whoever you feel might benefit.

To Your Abundance!

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