For Those that “Just Want to Make Money”


Check out this post if you just want to make money and are tired of all the confusion.

Let me show those who just want to make money, make it.

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They told me “I just Want to Make Money”

The other day I was training my Top Earner Success School students on how to create content that generates leads and sales and how to gain credibility in your marketplace. I was showing how my wife and I have built a multi-million a year coaching and training business that all started with simple blogging. That’s when someone said “I just want to make money”. Now, I partially think they were kidding when they said this but it sparked an interesting conversation.

I went on to share how my first 6 months of blogging barely made me any money but how now I cannot turn it off. We are unable to turn off the sales that come in every single day now BUT, that was NOT the case at first. In the video below I share IN DETAIL what to start doing RIGHT NOW if you just want to make money and you are serious.

After you watch this you will know what to do if you are currently saying “I just want some money”.

Video Breakdown for Money Wanters

Was that helpful? It seriously should give you hope and freedom. Stop focusing on the wrong thing that will NEVER get you free and instead turn your attention to what I talk about in the above video.

You can do it. There was a time where I was dead broke and in foreclosure, now, because of the work we have put in, that is no longer the case. You can change ANY circumstance you have right now in your life, IF you are willing to put in the work.

Feel free to share this with anyone who may be frustratingly expressing they just want to make money and help them get on a journey that WILL make them money.

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