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Our First Ever Event in London, England

My wife and I are super excited to be doing our first ever event in London, England and YOU are invited!

Feel free to share this with any network marketers you may know in or around the London area.

Details of the Event

We will actually be doing three events while in England, two for our network marketing team and one open to all network marketers.

The event open to ALL network marketers is being held on August 19th at the Rubens At The Palace, 39-41 Buckingham Palace Rd Westminster, London SW1W 0PS, UK and will start at 7pm and go till, well, as late as people wanna hang around =)

Seating is very limited and this is a one night only event, you can grab your tickets here.

What We Will Train at the Event in London

The focus of this event is on prospecting, recruiting and closing. I am going to be covering warm and cold market prospecting and closing tactics for both. My wife is going to be covering how to prospect and recruit people using social media. As this will be our very first event in England EVER, we would love to book a return trip and do these on a more regular basis. If that interests you, help us get the word out by sharing this blog post.

Click Here to Get your Ticket

Looking forward to meeting a bunch of UK networkers and kicking major butt at this event in London, we guarantee you are going to be blown away and excited to help a lot of people with their business. Again, help us pack the event by sharing and let’s make it a great event!

To Your Abundance!

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PS: Know anyone in or around the London, England area? My wife and I are doing our first event EVER there on August 19th! Go here for Details


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