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My Favorite Part of Creating Success

Creating Success

Having a blast on our family vacation to South Dakota and wanted to shoot this quick video for you about creating success.

MOST people have been programmed to see creating success as some form of negative thing, learn how to overcome this in the below video.

Our Trip to South Dakota

We have had an absolute blast here in South Dakota. When my son first expressed interest in going to see Mt Rushmore my wife and I were concerned as it didn’t look like there was much to do…boy were we wrong!

We’ve visited Mt Rushmore, Crazyhorse, Wind Cave, Wildlife loop, Deadwood, and yesterday we volunteered the day at the Boy and Girls club in Hot Springs, awesome trip so far and we are only halfway done!

The Masses and Their Thoughts about Creating Success

We are programmed to think that creating success and making a lot of money is selfish and greedy and it is only through self development that we can learn the fallacy of that thinking. One thing I explain in the below video is that success isn’t greedy, it is just a representation of value you have put into your marketplace and people you have helped.

There are a LOT of perks to creating success. I have witnessed my buddy Terry Gremaux quit his job to go fulltime. I have seen my buddy Erik Niemann go from real struggle in network marketing to finally have his first $1,000 month after 18 years in the profession and I literally cannot turn off the testimonials from rolling in from products, videos and podcasts we have put out there in the market. It is humbling and overwhelming. However, there is ONE THING that I value more than ANYTHING else that creating success has allowed me to experience at a much larger level than I ever thought I could have.

My Favorite Part

Did that resonate with you? It seriously almost makes me cry when I think about it. There is simply no way we could do the things we do now had I not stepped up and claimed my spot in creating success. You can create the life of your dreams too, your dreams may be different than mine but if they are important to you, you CAN make them happen.

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To Your Abundance!

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