Fast Track Teambuilding

Hello My Friend,

If you're seeing this page, it's because you're a Success School graduate. Congratulations on completing the training!  I'm deeply proud & honored to have been a part of such an amazing group of action takers!

I'd like to take a moment now to offer you an opportunity to take your training deeper and work with me on a more personal level.

I recently sent out a short survey asking for your feedback.  What you shared with me was immensely helpful.  Many of your fellow Success School students told me that they'd love to go deeper and have a 90 day game plan for moving forward.  Many said that their biggest challenge is building a solid team that "sticks".

The honest truth is this: Even if you only have 1 person in your downline, you're now a leader.  And if you'd like to see your team grow, having solid leadership skills is a must.

I'd like to invite you to join me over the next 6 weeks as we work hand-in-hand together to get you on track, keep you on track, and create amazing results in your business.

Here's how this will work:

Over the next 6 weeks we can focus on whatever area of your business that you'd like.  (Just imagine the kind of results you could achieve with this level of personal coaching!) But I'm going to make sure that we cover the essential Leadership elements that are so important to your business growth – including building a large team fast & creating an atmosphere for duplication within that team.

The group is limited to 20 people only

You'll receive a private 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching call with me.  You can take advantage of this time right now, or you can wait a few weeks and use your call then.  It's up to you and where you feel you'd want to use that time the most.

In addition, I'm also going to give you UNLIMITED email support over the next 6 weeks.  Yes, you read that correctly.  You can email me anytime, with any question, and I'll personally respond.  Have a prospect not calling you back & you're unsure what to say?  Email me and I'll help coach you through it.  Having trouble knowing where to start?  No problem – I'm available to help.

I'm also going to hold 3 small Group Coaching Webinars over the next 6 weeks (dates will be determined).  Now, these webinar will include some training at the beginning, but the main focus is to have an open forum…a "virtual mastermind", if you will, so you can ask your questions of myself & the group and get feedback from everyone.  This is where the magic happens, my friend.  Be ready for lots of "Ah-ha!" moments on these coaching webinars!

And, as a very special bonus, I've decided to do something I've never offered before.  When you make your decision to continue your coaching with me, I'm going to do a live training call or webinar for YOUR TEAM on the topic of your choice!  It doesn't matter if you've only got 1 person in your downline or 1,000.  You'll be able to let me know when you're ready to host this training & I'll be there to train and coach your team.

This group is limited to 20 people only.  Here's a recap of what you'll receive over the next 6 weeks:

  • 30 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call $497 Value
  • Unlimited Email Support from me personally $997 Value
  • 3 Group Coaching Webinars $997 Value
  • Private Coaching/Training Call or Webinar for your team $997 Value

Total Value: $3,488

Your investment is Only $997 if you act now.

Yes Ray, I'm raising my hand and ready to take action now!

After you've claimed your spot, I'll email you personally within the next 24 hours to set up our coaching call.  Then, you'll receive access to a private members area where I'll post information about the upcoming webinars.