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 Faith, Family and Finances

My Kids and Baxter

Last night I listened to a great speaker, dude worth over $300 million. His talk inspired this post today on Faith, Family and Finances.

My Financial Services Company

I have quietly been building a financial services company and now have somewhere around 30 agents and we have an office in my city of Fort Myers. I came out to Palm Springs to learn from some of the best in this industry so I could learn to help and serve more families and it has been a great experience.

Side note: Yes, my primary income comes from a network marketing business and in that business I happen to love to work with financial planners. I wanted to expand into another stream of income and help more people WITHOUT conflicting with my network marketing business. This is a great lesson for someone paying attention, IF you love your network marketing business, don’t conflict it by joining another competing business, instead, go vertical into the exact type of people you like to work with that is congruent and non-competing. (end of rant)

Faith, Family and Finances

The keynote speaker has been in financial services for 33 years and is worth around $300 million. He had a powerful talk, all about helping people realize the present and help some others do the same. He talked about the three most important facets of your life, faith, family and finances.

Faith – He didn’t get all preachy. By faith he meant having the faith that all of us have  seed of greatness in us. Can we all agree to that? Whether you believe in Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed or just nothing, I think most people would be ok agreeing that ALL of us have power and greatness within us. More on this later.

Family – What time do you really spend with your family? Plopping down in front of the TV and turning your mind and interaction off is NOT quality time. Play games, go for walks, take vacations together. More on this later too

Finances – I have heard people say that family is more important than money…that concludes me to believe that THEY think you have to choose one or the other. Money will help you have more experiences personally and with that family. The best thing you can do for your education is to make and spend money wisely acquiring knowledge and experience. Don’t kid yourself about this, there is NO reason why you cannot be making ten times what you are right now AND have an amazing family life.

Three Dying Regrets

Lady who worked with the terminally ill found that there were three common things that those who were dying regretted most. They were, in order,

1. They regretted not spending more time with their loved ones.

2. They regretted not living up to their potential.

3. They regretted not letting themselves be happier.

You can control those things. You can choose to be happy, spending time with your loved ones and continually working on yourself to be more disciplined and powerful. I have been blessed that this industry has helped me in all three. Here’s my advice to you and I hope you take it seriously.

1. Create a plan for residual income. It is the only way to become free.

2. Get your finances in order. If you have no idea what that even means, me or one of my partners would be happy to do a free analysis for you and point you in the right direction. The type of planning we do may be a fit for you or not but without a plan, I can guarantee you are not prepared for the storm, and if you look at the direction of government spending, I think you know, there is a storm coming. There are plans with as little as $50-$100 a month that could give you a very serious income stream during retirement.

3. Be present. When you notice you are not present, you are present. See the sunrises and sunsets, pay attention to the smiles on your kids faces. See the warmth in your significant others embrace. Know that we only have a short time on this world, live it to your fullest!

To Your Abundance!

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