These simple Facebook tips for business will help you get more results, faster.

Chances are, unless you are getting serious results, you are doing things the wrong way on Facebook, these will help!

Detailed Training with Prospecting and Facebook Marketing Tips

Last week my friend and client Terry did a full blown training that covered prospecting and Facebook marketing tips. If you want to watch that go here – Facebook Recruiting for Newbies.

In it he covers how to operate and actually get results in Facebook groups as well as how to reach out to others you don’t know and much more.

My Facebook Tips for Business

1. Understand the Difference between Prospecting and Marketing. Eric Worre once asked me to clarify this point at one of his events a few years ago, here’s the difference:

2. Using your company name isn’t a good strategy. I’ve been preaching this for years but there are still a LOT of people that need to hear this. When you just lazily use your company name on social media hoping that someone reaches out to you ready to join, what you REALLY do is these three things:
a) Lose all curiosity. When you are quick to tell people what you are doing, there is no curiosity and no reason to reach out to you to find out more.
b) Look salesy. People that know you AND don’t know you will just think you are salesy when all you do is talk about your company.

c) Anyone that you are connected to that IS interested, albeit, very few of them, will all just google your company and product and either determine that someone out there thinks it is a scam or they will just sign up with who looks better on the Internet.

Hardly any good can come of you talking about your company name on Social media. Raise curiosity instead. Say “Here I am with 25,000 of my fellow friends all united for one mission” WITHOUT saying the company name. If you saw that, wouldn’t that raise your curiosity and BEG the question, what company is this?

3. Show your Fun side. People want to be connected with people that do interesting and fun things. This is one of those Facebook tips for business that may not sound too businessy but if you are in Network marketing you need to realize that your product is NOT your product, your product is lifestyle. Take your kids to the park, go hiking, go to a water park or do things in your life that are interested and fun. You don’t have to be rich to go do interesting and cool things and when you do, make sure you post those pictures on Facebook!

Again, for more Facebook tips be sure to check out the training here – Facebook Recruiting for Newbies

Who Else Needs these Facebook Suggestions?

Feel free to share these Facebook tips with anyone you feel might need or want to see them. If more people adhered to these simple Facebook tips, the social media world would be a much better place =)

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