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Facebook Advertising:
Ethical Marketing or Scumbags?


There are people that use other people’s names and or likeness in their Facebook advertising without their permission. Is this ethical marketing or are they scumbags?

Warning: I get a little fired up in this video!

Ethical Marketing or Scumbags?

It is now, unfortunately, pretty common for me to hear, on a daily basis, that someone is using my name or picture in their Facebook advertising without my permission and even worse, without my affiliation.

What I mean by that is they are using my brand to promote something that I do not know about or that I don’t even like. People without a brand will say, “Oh Ray, you should be so lucky to have people wanting to use their name” or “There’s no such thing as bad advertising”, well, inside the below video I will share my thoughts and just another warning, I get fired up. I came out of my office after the video and my Mom and kids looked at me like I was a wildman lol.

Raising the Personal Code of Ethics

The home based business industry already has a tough name out there untrained network marketers have hyped, lied to and tricked their friends and family due to just not knowing the ramifications.

Let’s all work together to RAISE the conversation and vibration in this profession, not LOWER it.

From Our Facebook, Join the Conversation!

Just so you know, this is from my personal Facebook page where I am maxxed out, you can follow me on there but I cannot add any new friends on there.

Video: Facebook Advertising the WRONG Way

OK, I did WARN you! Told you I was fired up but hoping to get the message across that we don’t have to stoop that level. This profession is amazing and abundant and we don’t have to treat others this way. Here’s to your abundance and hope you aren’t affiliated with any systems of trainers that teach unethical Facebook advertising tactics.

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To Your Abundance!

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