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Excited to Share the Stage with Gary Vaynerchuk & Bill Walsh at No Excuses 4


It’s kinda crazy. Just a few years ago I was dead broke, in foreclosure and now I am going to be sharing the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk and Bill Walsh!

Vegas Baby!

Here is what I know…I would NOT be where I am success-wise if I didn’t attend live events. Live events are where beliefs are changed and you get to meet people who may become the biggest relationships in your business. It all changes at live events!

No Excuses 4 is going to be an incredible event, they seriously pulled out all the stops and right now you have the chance to not only get your ticket to an amazing event but also take advantage of some killer fast action bonuses! See what I mean here

Why Should You Attend No Excuses 4?

Woo Hoo! Click Here

Woo Hoo! Click Here

This is seriously the most amazing group of leaders I have ever shared the stage with. The picture to the left is just a sample of the speakers that are going to be at No Excuses 4, to see the full list, go here

The reasons you may consider attending No Excuses 4 are these:

1. Amazing speakers, seriously, Gary Vaynerchuk and Bill Walsh along with all the other amazing MLM speakers? Incredible!

2. Networking. The smartest networkers attend live events, period. The MGM grand is going to be PACKED with people serious about changing their lives and these are the types of people you WANT to be around.

3. FUN! Ray and Ferny, the coordinators of the event, are two seriously fun dudes. If for nothing else, get to Vegas to have some fun with us!

Make sure you check out the fast action bonuses here and if you DO decide to grab your No Excuses 4 ticket through my link, email me the receipt for a very, very special bonus I am giving away ($297 value). You can email me your receipt to [email protected]

Not Sure If You Should Attend?

I get it. It is a big commitment. If fast action bonuses aren’t that enticing or important, hop on our webinar on Sunday at 9pm est and hear the full scoop on the No Excuses 4 event. This will not be a pitch fest but will be training on how to hit 6 figures as well as full details on what to expect at the event. If you are unsure if you want a ticket or not, register for this Sunday webinar here.

To Your Abundance!

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