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Want to get results out of other Facebook Groups?

Here’s exactly what you need to do to get more network marketing prospects reaching out to you from these groups.

Exactly How To Squeeze Massive Results From Facebook Groups

This is not about a team group or a customer Facebook group.

I’m talking about what about all the other Facebook groups out there that are owned by other people, but they have some of your target rich people in there.

There’s a group for everything. There’s groups for cupcake lovers, weight loss, woodworking group, whatever.

These are groups not owned by you, not associated with your company, your product, or your service.

How do you add value in your niche facebook group?

What NOT to Do

What is it that most people do? We can ratchet it from bad to amazing.

Bad would be they go in, they post something, “Hey guys, I got a mind blowing product. It’s patent pending, it’s ground floor, and it’ll melt the pounds away.” They go in and it’s all about them. It’s all about them. That would be bad.

Moving up a notch, it’s they go in there and they just privately message all the members in there, right? “Hey, I see that you’re in the weight loss thing. Are you open to taking a look at my blah blah blah blah blah.”

I’m telling you, people, when they learn that they’re only associated with you through the group, they’re going to tell the administrators, you’re going to get booted. I’m just letting you know. If you’ve studied my prospecting, I’m not totally against that. I’m talking about long term value and relationships inside of a group. You want to avoid that.

Being in a group, what an amateur marketer things is, “Ah, grants me license, yummy yummy, let me bring my teeth out. Let me sink my teeth into these members of this group.”

That’s what an amateur would think. That’s why an amateur gets booted out of so many groups. Because they sink their teeth in.

Common Goals

Non-common goal is a very powerful part of psychology. A non-common goals would be like going to your company event and pitching a different MLM. That’s a non-common goal. It stands out. It raises resistance. People don’t like it.

So, if it’s evident to you that you joined a group for dastardly deeds, for ulterior purpose and a non common goal, then you’re going to be the black sheep.

Horrible would be, “Here’s my thing, guys. Feel free to reach out to me. Got a great opportunity. Got a great product. Make me some money. All about me.”

That would be worse.

Second worst would be you come into a group and you just start private messaging people that you only have an association with the group and prospect and right away. That would be next bad.

Moving on up, what would be the equivalent there. Responding to comments of people and always having a hook. Always having a hook. “Hey, yeah, I also struggled losing weight until I found this magical shake.”

Dropping comments on other peoples’ posts with a hint toward that you have an amazing product or an amazing opportunity. That would be bad as well.

As we continue to move on.

Next would be the dropping of a value post, but no interaction.  There are some people that will go into a Facebook group and they’ll drop their sage wisdom, but never actually comment inside of the group, never build any relationships inside of the group. There’s no pitch in it, there’s no pitch in it, but it’s designed to get people attracted to them. That one is definitely less offensive than all the rest, but it’s just not as powerful as it could be.

What To Post In Facebook Groups

Here are the two things, and how to do them. Here are two things that will make you an absolutely superstar.

1. Edify The Group Admins

Edification of the group admins. Whoever started the group, “Hey, I’m so thankful for this group, you guys are so amazing and inspiring, appreciate you, shout out to the admins, woot woot.”  Constant referring.

Honoring the admins and giving them kudos, giving them accolades, appreciating them, thanking them, et cetera. That would be number one.

Very few people do this. They just come in there and say, “It’s all about me.” That’s why they get booted so fast and that’s why people are quick to report you.

2. Add Value To Others Without A Pitch

WITHOUT a pitch.

Let’s say that you have an external liquid fat burner, where you literally rub it on any spot in your body and it melts the fat away right before your eyes. It kinda sizzles a little bit and just fat gone. Love handles gone.

Well, if someone posts, “Hey, I’m really trying to get rid of this targeted spot here, what is it that I should do?”

You are gonna foam at the mouth. “Oh man. Oh god. Oh man this is exactly what my product does.” You’re gonna be so eager, desperate, turned on to just pounce. You’re just like … And sink your teeth right into them. But don’t.

Also, don’t drop the hint either.

When they post something like that, you say, “Hey, there’s a lot of stuff out there, but here are three tips that really helped me. 1. Watch your sugar at night. 2. Do this particular exercise. 3. blah blah blah.”

With no hint that you have a magical product with no pitch to your product, with absolutely nothing in return for you. I know this sounds weird, because you’re like, “How long do I gotta give value to humans? Ugh.”

Budget Your Time

Budget your time. If you invest 15 minutes a day adding value without a pitch in a group and edifying the admins every day, you will become the superstar of that group. You will. I promise you. You will.

Now it won’t be overnight. How long you gotta do this. “How long I gotta help people? Ugh.”  I don’t know. But what if you budget just 15 minutes a day?

Why do I like this? I’m someone that I tell you, “Don’t take forever building rapport because it’s just a waste of time and it’s not duplicatable.”

Why do I like this then? Isn’t this kinda building rapport? Yes, but in group. That’s why I like it. In group. You’re not dealing with an individual that may or may not be open to your deal or not. You’re dealing with a group.

Have A Powerful Profile

Having a powerful profile is very alluring.

On your profile, no mention of company, no mention of product, no mention of here’s my link to sign up. It’s also VALUE.

Imagine that. It’s also value.

But when they come, let’s say that you answer, “Hey, here’s three steps on getting rid of target area fat in your body.” So people read it and they’re like, “Hmm. That’s a good answer. Let me click the profile.” And the click the profile and they go over here.

By the way, you don’t have to position yourself as an expert. You don’t have to say, “Well, as 29 years as a registered nurse.” I wouldn’t say that. People will think, “Oh, that’s why she can do network marketing, and I can’t do that.” So I wouldn’t position it that way. I would just say, “Hey, here’s three tips that I found that are helpful to me.”

Who can find tips? Any human. Any human can do that. So there will be a percentage of people that see that and be like, “Man, that was a good answer. Let me see. Click. Let me see what’s on their profile. Oh. Wow, the product to melt fat away. Let me check out their Facebook Live. Let me check out their Facebook Live.”

They watch the Facebook Live, and at the end you give a call to action. Did you give a call to action inside the group? Definitely not.  But they were lured to your profile from the group.

How To Be The Group Superstar

You budget your time and you put in that kind of value, you will become the superstar of that group. People will reach out to you, will connect with you, will wanna know what you’re up to.

That’s where you want to make sure your profile isn’t resistant raising. Don’t have the name of the company, the name of the product, here’s my link to buy something, here’s my link to join something.

Have more alluring content to get them to want to connect further with you on a personal basis, get them to want to friend request you without you asking.

In the group, don’t ask for friend requests. Don’t ask for private messages. Don’t mention your product/service.

Go in there, answer some questions. You either budget 15 minutes a day, 10 minutes a day, or three questions a day. Maybe you just answer three questions a day. But you have a good profile. In no time you will start attracting people like crazy versus repelling them.

You go into a group, you start pitching your deal or hinting that you got something, you will repel people like crazy. I’m just letting you know.

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Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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