network marketingCan you feel it? There is an evolution going on in Network Marketing.

It’s exciting and we are happy to be helping it along.

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What is This Evolution of Network Marketing?

The evolution of network marketing begins with education. If you were a small business owner in ANY profession, plumbing, chiropractor, cabinet maker, etc, one of the first things you would do is learn marketing to start getting people to come to you or your place of business.

For decades this practice has been discouraged in the network marketing space, why?

Quite frankly because either the company or upline don’t believe you are smart enough to learn marketing and out of that fear have pushed the prospecting only agenda. Just to explain the difference, prospecting is where you are reaching out to others and marketing is where others are reaching out to you.

I prospected like crazy while I worked on my marketing but dreamed of a day where I would NOT have to buy leads or cold prospect anyone and instead would just work with those who reached out to me. At the time it seemed like a million years away but it was a reality much faster than I thought it would be.

It can be for you too.

The below video dives deeper on what I am talking about but for now here are some suggestions for you:

  1. Prospecting is by no way bad. IF you want to climb to the top of your network marketing company there is one rule and that is to get eyeballs on your presentation. You can get eyeballs on your presentation by marketing or prospecting. If your marketing isn’t generating leads yet, you better keep prospecting if you want to get results.
  2. It is much better to be on the phone with someone who wanted to talk to you versus someone that keeps asking you “who is this again”? Marketing isn’t learned overnight but it is worth it.
  3. When you start the journey of marketing know that it isn’t overnight so don’t stop any activity that was working for you, including prospecting. This is dangerous for many as generating leads is certainly cooler than cold prospecting but it does take a business mindset and some time to get to work.

Enjoy this video on the topic and feel free to comment if you agree or got value!

Feel free to share if you are proud to be building your brand or learning marketing, by the way, if you learn marketing you can easily excel no matter what company you are in or where you go.

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