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Even the Best Home Based Business
Does NOT Require a Big Budget

In fact, not only do you NOT need a big budget to build even the best home based business, having a big budget may actually hurt you! You see, more people attempt to buy their way to success…and that flies against the entire concept of a network marketing business opportunity. In this blog I am going to share the reasons why you should NOT have a large budget when it comes to building your business EVEN IF YOU HAVE MONEY!

Why Spending Lots Of Money ISN’T a Good Idea

Can you guess the number one reason why you should NOT spend a lot of money? Because it is NOT duplicatable and THAT is the whole reason to do a network marketing business opportunity. If you have to spend a ton of money to work the business, so will the people you bring in and your success is highly unlikely. However, if you are able to build your business WITHOUT spending a lot of money, you have a formula for duplication.

Sometimes the WORST thing to have….is a big budget

I used to have a really big budget when I was marketing real estate. I did every type of marketing you could possibly imagine. I was running $8,000 a month magazine ads, dropping thousands a month into postcards, advertising on pharmacy bags, football stadium seat cushions, heck, I even bought a used Uhaul truck and had it painted and vinyl lettered up. I spent way too much money on way too many things that simply did not work. It is much better and smarter to be lean and nimble. This is ESPECIALLY true for a homebased business.

Bad Postcards…

Here is a very true story that just happened a few months ago. There was a lady in my organization that sent out 2,000 postcards and had 25 people sign up! Now, when people join our company as executives and get their executive package, the company pays out $100. She made bank! It was awesome! So…what did her 25 people do? Well, of course, they did what brought them in so each of them sent out 2,000 postcards. 50,000 postcards went out, the same postcards that netted the 25, this was going to be awesome! The results…out of 50,000 postcards that went out, not one person joined. Since then almost every one of those 25 that joined as quit. A lot of times we may get lucky with an approach but if it doesn’t have the ability to be duplicated, it will not stand the test of time.

The Most Result Getting Activity Does Not Cost Anything

When people tell me they don’t have much money to market, do you know what I tell them? I respond with “Awesome”! If you have a complete lack of money, well, I hope that you are motivated to make some! (unfortunately, that is NOT always the case) The most result getting activity is free…prospecting. What do you do if you don’t have money? Prospect. What do you do if you need fast money? Prospect. If you don’t have time for your “attraction marketing system” to kick in before you make money? Prospect. You see, if you get better at prospecting you can make money immediately and it will make any amount of money that you do spend, that much more effective. If you are scared of prospecting, simply buying leads is NOT going to help you that much anyway. Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable, pick up that 800 pound phone and make some money already! And, what is cool about prospecting without spending a ton of money is, when you succeed, you can tell all your new recruits the real way to succeed and grow the best home based business possible regardless of their lack of a budget.

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