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Must Have Blogging Tools I Used to get 14 Million Hits

What are the best blogging tools you should use to get more traffic to your blog? Well, I can share with you the blogger tools I have used to help get me over 14 million hits in this past year and 1.8 million hits this month that you can easily use to help you get more traffic.

Was Blog Traffic Always This Easy?

Blog Traffic was certainly not easy for me at first because I really didn’t understand the point of a blog. I treated each blog post as a separate island, not realizing that the true power was in getting people to want to follow your blog not just hope random people would find each separate blog post. I also didn’t understand the power of blogging and emailing your list on an almost daily basis. When you learn to create great content people actually look forward to your blogs, something I just didn’t understand at first.

So, How Did I Get to 14 Million Hits This Year? What Blog Tools did I use?

First of all, I would NEVER have cracked the code of blogging without My Lead System Pro. The blogging training they have in the back office is by far the best in the industry. I have seen other blogging training that is designed to brand others but MLSP taught me how to brand myself. If they did NOT have an income model behind them, I would still pay the monthly tuition as it has helped me generate tens and tens and tens of thousands of dollars along with millions of hits to my website. For those that have not recently been in their back office, you should recheck it out, amazing stuff. I also have a fast start training I put together for my teammates that helps prevent being overwhelmed and confused as well as we have an online accountability and support mastermind group as well.

Blog Traffic Tools

1. SEOPressor – I learned about this on an MLSP training in the back office done by the SEO brothers. This tool is a simple plugin that will tell you how best to format your blog to get ranked for Google. It suggest keyword density as well as tells you what percentage each particular post registers with SEO suggestions.

2. Subscribers Magnet – This has changed my business. I used to use Popup Domination for my popup and when I tested it against this beast, I was blown away. I immediately started getting more subscribers with the exact same amount of traffic. Keep in mind that gaining subscribers is a huge key in getting more traffic as with a list you can send them each new blog post and a lot of them will want to read your stuff. Subscribers Magnet also has some killer features such as you can add the option of adding new subscribers to your list when they comment as well as a cool footer bar to capture leads.

3. RankTracker – This neat little wordpress plugin tells you what keywords people are typing into google to find your website. It does this for your blog on a per post basis. You can set it up to email you daily or weekly and it will tell you what keyword someone typed in, what rank result you were and how many times that has happened. This is very cool to know how people are finding you to so you can alter your strategy or know that your strategies are sound.

4. TribePro – This is amazing. It is a content syndication community where you can get your content shared. I didn’t fully understand what this did when I bought it but holy cow has it made a difference. I have seen blog posts of mine get over 3,000 social media bookmarks in 30 minutes or less. If you create content on a semi-regular basis, this should most certainly be in your arsenal. Also, once you get in Tribepro, if you syndicate me, I will return the favor =)

Should You Write Content for Pages You Do Not Own?

Lately I have been getting this question a lot. I looked at this strategy and I can tell you that I do it very sparingly, about once a month I will write an article for BetterNetworker that links back to my blog and one or two other places but the majority of my time is spent branding myself and contributing to the asset that I personally own, which is my blog. If you follow the step by step videos within My Lead System Pro, you can set up your blog quickly (or pay someone to set it up for you) and have your own asset of which you can contribute to. Like all my past blogs, you don’t require a blog to have success in network marketing but if you treat it right and brand yourself, it certainly can pay off in the long run.

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