Entrepreneur Tip: Do. It. Until.

Today I share a philosophy I have when it comes to building my business.

This just might be the biggest difference between those that go out and create success and those that continuously go from struggle to struggle.

The Biggest Difference Between Real Entrepreneurs BEFORE Action

Real entrepreneurs focus on where they want to go. They focus on their vision, goals and all the rewards of their journey and the finish line. They are sometimes overly optimistic but in many, many instances, things actually work out BECAUSE of this optimism.

Non-entrepreneurs focus on where they are. They focus on what they aren’t, don’t have, lack, and all the reasons they cannot achieve success. This prevents most from ever attending that event that would change their life, buying that course that would teach them what they need or hiring that mentor that would help them create their breakthrough. They are realists. They look at what is “probable” (real entrepreneurs look at what’s “possible”). Probable is the minimum wage affect that will NEVER get anyone to take massive action or risk.

The Biggest Difference When IN Action

A small percentage of non-entrepreneurs make it into the action stage but they do so with a “testing” or a “see if it works” mentality. They dip their toe in the water of business, never going all-in, never burning the boats and never cutting the head off of all other possible outcomes. When in test mode to see if something works, in regards to business, just know…you have already failed.

You literally have to be insane to start a business. You have to have an irrational mentality to go out and create something that works. You have to want that new life more than the praise of your friends, the acceptance of your family and more than the you care about the scrutiny of others.

The entrepreneur is NEVER praised while building in the beginning stages. They are laughed at, made fun of and told over and over that what they are doing will never work and they should stick to their job or whatever form of playing smaller means to their circle of friends and influences.

This is the biggest difference between real entrepreneurs and non….

They do it until”

When I got serious about my network marketing business I told my girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife, that for the next two years life was going to suck. I was going to put my head down and work like a maniac to get myself out of the financial hell I was in. Here’s what she didn’t know…I would have done that for 20 years if I had to. MOST. PEOPLE. WON’T.

The word “until” is sacred to me. It means the word quit does not exist. It has a non-verbal agreement that life is NOT going to be easy, that obstacles WILL happen along the way and success may not come for YEARS. I use the word until to test out wanna-be entrepreneurs when they ask me questions like:

How many people do I need to recruit to make X per month?
How many events do I need to attend to have that breakthrough?
How many courses do I have to purchase before I accomplish X?

You do it until. You recruit until you have the team of your dreams, you work until you have the life of your vision, you take action until.

The catch is, when you hold this sort of place in the universe, your vision is constantly expanded to allow you to see ways of impacting and inspiring more and more people, thereby not extinguishing your fire but in fact engulfing you in new fires of the soul at each and every victory.

You do it until.

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Here’s to all the entrepreneurs out there, my heart goes out to you as this is NOT the easy route, but it sure is a worthwhile on. Love you all

To Your Abundance!

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