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Dude on Plane Could Never Have MLM Success


Think you are going to enjoy this one. This is from an overheard conversation on a plane where I was flying from Vegas to Florida that I think greatly applies to having MLM Success.

Funny Dude on Plane

So, Jessica and I are coming back from Vegas yesterday (had a blast) and in the row behind me I hear this conversation.

Guy A: Hey man, would you mind switching seats with me, I really prefer not to be in the middle seat.

Guy B: Um, no thanks.

Guy A: OK, so want me to just sit in the middle then?

Guy B: Um, sure.

That simple conversation reminded me how MOST people act in network marketing. First of all, what is wrong with the above conversation? It is pretty obvious that Guy A was only thinking of benefit to him and was pretty clueless? I sure hope so, well, this has more to do with MLM success than you might first imagine.

Why Most Struggle to Achieve MLM Success

A lot of networkers also only focus on benefit to them versus benefit to the other person or prospect. A conversation might look like this:

Networker: Wanna Join my Network Marketing Business? I really prefer to have more money in my pocket than less.

Prospect: Um, no thanks.

Networker: So you prefer that I go broke?

Prospect: Um, sure.

Now, I know that sounds a little silly but almost on a daily basis I get approached by people that solely focus on THEIR benfit, rather than mine. Always, always, always focus on the needs, wants, desires and problems of the other person. You HAVE to get prospects to see whats in it for them to avoid looking like a schmuck and to achieve MLM Success.

MLM Success Coach

The best quick advice I can give you to help you with achieving MLM Success is these three things:

1. Attend Company Events
2. Promote Company Events
3. Be more friendly than sales crusher.

If you are just nice to people while still informing them you are in a business, you won’t get frustrated and will stick in the game longer. If you attend and promote events, you are going to surround yourself with people of success while also learning they are just like you. This is critical for those that have yet to have success and quite frankly, critical for all of us to constantly recharge the batteries. If you are in my primary company, you HAVE to decide to attend the National Convention in August if you want my coaching.

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