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Saturday morning I met with some marketers in Atlanta and spent around an hour doing some business coaching with them, I happened to record it, here’s how you can listen.

What’s Inside this Coaching Audio…

First I met with Jeff and covered some of his questions regarding cold calling, offline techniques and doing a 90 day blitz for his business. At about 20 minutes three more marketers (Glenn, Shelley and Angela) showed up and we shifted gears a bit to full blown business coaching on how to build your network marketing empire.

Topics such as how to deal with a non-supportive spouse as well as non-supportive kids. How to create success NOW even if you have been in network marketing for twenty years with no success. I also talk about how to slowly transition into online marketing and how most people do it the wrong way and that’s why it doesn’t work.

Why This Business Coaching Will Help You

I have done a lot of these types of meetings in the past where we travel into an area and meet with some marketers from different companies and I gotta tell ya, this was one of the best business coaching sessions I have ever done as the questions are the exact ones that SOOO many network marketers struggle with.

If you are struggling in your business, this business coaching audio is gonna help guide you in the right direction, I would not be surprised if some of you find yourself listening to it over and over.

For Right Now You Can Get This Audio for FREE on my MLM App!

You can download from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, etc by going to your app store and searching for “ray higdon”. I have also provided these links for you: Apple Download, Android Download. This coaching audio will not stay on there forever so I would suggest downloading it right away. It is under podcasts. If you have already downloaded my MLM app, you won’t see it unless you update it, the easiest way is to log into the app and shake your phone lol, not messing with you, it actually works.

In the past when I loaded audios on my MLM app, I didn’t offer any alternatives to get the audio. If you don’t have a smart phone or don’t want to download the app, you can get the full audio for only $1.99. If you want to get it, Click Here. Comment below if you plan on listening to it or what nugget you get out of it when you do listen to it, hope it helps you!

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