Network Marketing Objections

Is your prospect giving you an objection to why they can’t join?

Here are 4 common mistakes to avoid and exactly what to say instead.

Do You Make These Mistakes with Network Marketing Objections?

1. Creating Massive Resistance

I saw a big trainer in a specific network marketing company, teaching and I cringed.

He said, “You know what? You show somebody that video and they say they don’t like it, you say, well what do you like? Making money or helping kids?”

Like oh, God. That’s it. Let’s all turn into a-holes.

Come on man, there are things that are said in our profession that are made to make you guys feel better, but to create massive resistance outside of our space. We don’t need to do that.

One of our Rank Makers said that she was talking with one of her friends and they said, “You know what? I don’t wanna be a network marketer. Those guys are so elitist. They’re so like, they think they’re better than us.”

Isn’t that the opposite of what we’re trying to do here?

We’re trying to be the self improvement profession. We’re trying to help people, yet in combating the rejection maybe we show up a little bit too strong.


We don’t need to do that.

Why not be MORE effective and say things like:

  • “Well, what were you hoping to see?”
  • “I’m confused. Why’d you take the time out of your schedule to watch this thing?”
  • “What would have been awesome for you to see?”
  • “What are you actually looking for? Maybe I can help you.”

And LISTEN, versus get retaliatory or defensive.

2. Putting Down JOBs

Another thing I hate, “JOB, just over broke.”

Another just broken record phrase that is used to make network marketers feel better about themselves and feel superior to those outside of our profession, that never converts a damn person.

Nobody here is JOB.

“You know what? You’re right. Your way is superior. Let me just join right in.” Nobody says that.

They’re like, “Thanks jerk, I like my job.”

There’s lots of people like their job. We don’t have to bash jobs. Jobs are NOT our competition.

Freaking laziness is. Netflix. That’s our competition. Not a job.

Someone likes their job, then stay with it, it’s awesome. And by the way, you’re more duplicatable. If you say, “Yeah, I got a full time job, I do this on the side,” more people believe they can do it.

If you wanna strut around town, say, “Full time network marketer, how you doin’. I’m full time. Hey, did I mention I’m full time? Yeah, guess it works. Told you so. Boom. Boom, daddy.”

If that’s how you show up, very few people wanna show up that way and the ones that do, you don’t want. Please exit my team, oh good Lord.

3. Defensiveness

So, if they’re negative don’t get defensive.

  • Don’t get retaliatory.
  • Don’t tell them they’re an idiot.
  • Don’t tell them, “Well, you just don’t get it. You just don’t support me.”

None of that stuff. That stuff isn’t good.

4. Becoming TOO Positive

“Well, what were you hoping to see? Well, why’d you take time out to watch this thing?” If it’s too positive, I have to give you the same restraints on this.

Because if you’re prospecting a lot, if you’re like a lot of social media or cold calling, or whatever you’re doing, and you’re really used to rejection, you’re gonna get a little too excited when they’re positive. It’s gonna happen.

You’re like, “Hey, what did you like about what you saw?” And you’re about to cross them off the list, because they’re gonna say, “It sucked,” right, you’re about to cross them off the list. And they say, “Oh, I really liked it. Oh, I think it’s a brilliant idea, this thing’s amazing. Like why wouldn’t I do it?”

“Oh my God. You’re gonna kill this thing, it is amazing. It’s ground floor. Did I tell you we just launched in Czechoslovakia? This thing is gonna blow into the moon, man!”

And they’re like, “Whoa, slow down a notch.”

Now here’s what’s important with this. Tell them, whatever they say, you also love that too. They do not need to hear your litany of things that you love.

Well, I also love that they send teddy bears to Kenya. I also love that they have a BMW program. I also love that they have the triple comp matrix of blah.”  They don’t need to hear all the things that you love, because all you’re doing is adding extra ingredients in that could confuse them.

And, a confused mind doesn’t buy.

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Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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