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Our Disney World Vacation


Taking a minute off of my normal MLM training blog and sharing some family peak life experiences! This is a quick overview of our Disney World Vacation!

Watch this short but fun video to check out all the fun we had!

**Spoiler: In the video I have a little game to play where you guess where we were, if you want to play it, skip to the video as I detail where we went in the actual post.

Disney Vacation Details

We stayed at the Disney Beach Club which is in walking distance to Epcot center.

The good things about Disney Beach Club:
– It’s a very nice hotel
– Has a GREAT pool, arcade and is an awesome location with bus or boat service to ALL the Disney properties (included)
The Bad:
– Every morning room service knocked on the door at 8:20am. I was, of course, up but no one else was.
– The Internet was troublesome, had to make several calls to tech support to get it to work out (time to activate my Verizon hotspot card)

We did club level access on the 5th floor and the 4 day club hopper. We hit Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Quest, Hollywood Studios and had lunch at Downtown Disney. This was an AMAZING Disney World Vacation and we had a blast. It was a pretty expensive trip, honestly have no idea what this one tipped the scales at, but was a blast. Every year we take the kids on at least one summer and one winter vacation.

Last bit of details before the video:

Epcot – We did Test Track, Spaeship Earth,  (Test track rocked)
Magic Kingdom – Buzz Lightyear, Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Monsters Inc,
Animal Kingdom – Safari, Expedition Everest (Everest is where Jessica was screaming from the video)
Hollywood Studios – Muppets, Star Tours, Indiana Jones, Toy Story

Fun Video: Our Disney World Vacation

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I hope this video inspires you to create big dreams and goals and you create the ability to travel more, vacation more and create more peak life experiences! Share and Comment if you enjoyed the video!

To Your Abundance!

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