How do you discover your expertise and what if it’s not related to your product, service, or opportunity?

Here I share exactly how to create content and stay duplicatable in your MLM.

Discovering Your “Expertise” & Creating Duplication in Your MLM

How do you discover your expertise and what if it’s not related to your product, service, or opportunity?

If you’re selling anything other than network marketing, like real estate, training, education, mattresses, furniture …then it is smart for you to position yourself as a credible expert and that there are special things about you that would make people want to connect with you.

The problem with positioning yourself as a credible expert, as a network marketer is you are going to have people say, “I can’t do what you do. I’m not you. It’s easy for you to say.” You’re gonna have people that say, “That’s easy for you to do. I’m not an expert. You’re so smart. I don’t know that stuff.”

If people look at you and say, “Wow, I am thoroughly impressed. I’m really impressed with their level of expertise, knowledge and credibility. It’s quite impressive.” Then your duplication is going to be really hurt.

Network Marketers Aren’t Just Marketing & Sales

A lot of trainers, they study other marketers, or they study other social media experts, and they just roll that training like it’s a magical new thing into network marketing without the consideration that we are not just selling products.

Network marketers aren’t about just selling. We’re about selling the idea that the other person can do what we are doing.

[mashtweet tweet=”Network marketers aren’t about just selling. We’re about selling the idea that the other person can do what we are doing.” quote=”Network marketers aren’t about just selling. We’re about selling the idea that the other person can do what we are doing.”]

You’re selling the idea that someone else can do what you are doing. And so, your ability to say, “All I do is ____. This is all I did.” Is the most powerful thing that you can possibly say if you want to make the big money.

Now, with a lot of effort, you could probably get to $100,000 a year, with a lot of effort and just be really good at sales. Just selling kits and selling your product, selling your service. With a lot of effort, you could get to $100,000 a year. You will never ever get over $250,000 a year in network marketing by just selling the thing and not getting duplication. To get even close to $250,000 you would have to be one hell of a salesperson.


You get duplication, when you get everyone on your team saying, “Well, if he can do it, I can do it.” “Well, if she can do it, I can do it.” That’s all you do.


Now, here’s another realization, because some of you may say, “Well Ray, does that mean I just don’t do any videos? I just don’t do anything?”

Ask yourself, can the average ordinary person do what you are doing?

So, years ago, we came up with the term ILT, invest, learn, teach. Invest your time, possibly money, to learn something. You teach it.

And I believe that every human being, to some capacity, can ILT, can invest, learn, teach.

So, my stepdad is as blue collar as it comes. Worked in construction or making cabinets his whole life. Not highly educated. Never read a business book in his entire life. Never read a book on marketing or sales or anything like that.

He comes over one day, and he says, “You know, I saw the new Matt Damon documentary.”  It’s one about the planet and climate, and he spews off for the next 20 minutes, all these different stats and all these different things about the climate and the planet and this and that. And I looked at it, and you know what my realization was?

“Wow, everyone can ILT.”

He watched a documentary. He shared. So, he invested some time to watch that documentary. He learned some things, and here he is teaching me.

Everyone can ILT. Not everyone can be an expert or a best selling author.

Facebook Lives & Duplication

Sure. I mean, you could literally say, “Hey gang, I just picked up this recipe book, and today I’m going to make dinner. It’s gonna be amazing. Stick around.” I feel like anybody could do that.

However, if I say, “Hello, I am a Michelin Chef, and today I’m going to be talking …” See, not everyone’s a Michelin chef. Not everyone is a five-star gourmet chef, but anybody could pick up a recipe book and bake you a cake. It may not be great, but they would be able to follow the instructions for the most part.

And so, start to realize that you impressing people with your credibility, with your specialness, with your amazing expert level status is going to hurt your duplication.

You do not need to be an expert.

You being an expert will hurt your duplication.


So, I think what your actual question was, “How do I make the transition?”

What if I decide that I’m in a weight loss company, but I don’t ever want to talk about weight loss. I want to talk about making candles. I really love making candles.

So, maybe you love the idea of candlestick making, but you find yourself in a weight loss network marketing company. Well, how the hell do you make the transition? It’s a lot easier than you think?

So, my suggestion would be, on any one marketing channel, which Facebook is a marketing channel. YouTube is a marketing channel. A blog as a marketing channel. Instagram as a marketing channel. Now, could you have multiple channels? Sure. Very few people can update multiple channels. Very few people could talk about dinosaurs and candlesticks and weight loss and have three different channels. That’s what people that overthink like to do. They plan this out, and then they never do anything.

I would suggest going with your number one, most excited about channel, whatever that is. Whatever that is. So, let’s say it’s candlestick making.

So, I am going to demonstrate candlestick making on my Instagram page or on my Facebook profile or on my YouTube channel.

At the end of your educational candlestick making lesson, you say:

“By the way gang, many of you have asked, if there’s a way for you to be able to spend more time making candlesticks, and the truth is that’s what I wanted to do, so I actually started a little home-based business. Now, I’ll tell you, it has nothing to do with candlesticks, nothing to do with candlesticks. But, because I have this home based business, I’m able to make more candle sticks. And so I don’t know if you’re looking to make some extra money from home, feel free to reach out to me, if you are.”

Really simple, that’s a simple transition.

Now, obviously you could substitute candlestick making poor standup paddle board. You could do a crossfit, flipping tires, ripping phone books. You could do it for a whatever man, whatever. Makeup, you could be doing makeup and transition.

Transitions are literally the simplest thing in the world.

What To Do If They Reach Out?

So, it’s not the source of lead that needs to be duplicatable. It’s what you do with that lead.

Guess what? When they reach out and say, “Hey, Candle Sticker, love your stuff, man. Tell me about this home biz.” Guess what I’m going to do?

I’m going to say, “Yeah, there’s this video. Or, “There’s this tool and it explains it better than I could. I’ll send it over to you.”

The same tool that the doctor would use. The same tool the pilot would use. And, the same tool the best selling author would use. That’s duplicatable. That’s using a system.

So be a little bit more flexible on how you attract leads, how you acquire leads, but be very strict on what you do with those leads.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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