Developing Posture

Are you sick of arguing with people that your network marketing product/service is the BEST opportunity?

Here I share how to develop posture and recruit like crazy.

Developing Posture in Network Marketing

So first of all, we’ve got to define posture.

Posture: The belief in what you have, regardless of external acceptance or approval.

This is why I never care if I get a hater, because I’m postured.

I’m postured around network marketing. I don’t care to convince them.

Because if they’re that cynical probably nothing’s gonna work for them, right? So I don’t care.

I don’t need their acceptance, approval, agreement. I don’t care to turn them around. I don’t care about any of that stuff.

Arguing About Electricity

Imagine one of your friends comes to you and be like, “Bro, dude I was on wiki leaks last night, and bro turns out electricity is a total scam.”

Would you be like, “Oh my God. Oh no, wow, that’s terrifying?” Or would you say, “Yeah, I got a light on right now. I think it’s legit. I think it’s okay.”

You would not be swayed by your bestest of friends coming to you and saying, “Hey man, I think electricity is a scam.”

So, you have posture when it comes to electricity.

Most network marketers do not have posture around network marketing. If someone says, “Hey, I don’t think that’ll work.”

“Oh really, it won’t?”

They just crumble like a cracker. The strongest wind will just tumble them down like a dandelion, right?

And so, I have posture around network marketing. I don’t need someone’s acceptance, approval, agreement.

If they don’t believe it, totally cool. I don’t care, really don’t care, man.

The number one thing that helped me with my posture? Efficiency.


It’s just not efficient not to have posture.

I didn’t want to waste time.

If someone doesn’t believe, cool. If someone has different religion, cool.

Prove The Concept

I’m not trying to convince them that it’s good. You know what I do instead? I just go prove it.

Go prove the concept.


  • Make money
  • Get a new car
  • Give the most to your favorite charity
  • Build a dream home
  • Crush it
  • Get recognized on stage
  • Lose the weight

Go and prove the product, service or opportunity instead of trying to convince.

[mashtweet tweet=”Go and prove the product, service or opportunity instead of trying to convince.” quote=”Go and prove the product, service or opportunity instead of trying to convince.”]

The number one thing about posture is it’s just more efficient.

I’ve had people say, “Oh, those things never work.”

I’m like “Cool, not a fit for you, totally cool. Do you know anyone that does want to make some extra money?”

If someone is cynical, skeptical about network marketing, they’re going to continue to be cynical, skeptical and so just go to the next person.

Stop being defensive. Being defensive is a waste of time and energy.

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