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Dealing with Frustration Costs You Money

dealing with frustration

Here’s something I have noticed…people who rarely hit their goals or achieve big are constantly dealing with frustration. If you learn how to identify it differently, that will change.

Watch this short video to prevent the non-profit producing activity of dealing with frustration.

Why So Frustrated?

If you ever consistently get around people who are achievers, there are certain common things in their language and also things NOT or totally absent in their language. Frustration is simply a word NOT used by high achievers. Does that mean they never are dealing with frustration? I don’t believe so, I just think they have evolved to the point where they realize complaining about being frustrated is pointless, not profit producing and doesn’t serve them…so how come others do?

Always See the Solution vs the Circumstance

ALL circumstances are temporary but some people go around looking for things to be frustrated about.

In the below short video I share the pure definition of frustration and how you can simply stop dealing with frustration and instead move forward.

Once you have identified what causes frustration you will find it pretty pointless to dwell in that space.

Nothing good can come out of the space of dealing with frustration so instead you focus on the solution. Watch the below video to learn exactly how to do that.

Video: Dealing with Frustration is Dumb AND is Costing You Money!

So today, you cannot change all the time you have wasted dealing with frustration in the past, but you can stop “being” frustrated now. Identify the source of the frustration using the concept in the above video and CHOOSE to focus on the solutions to your issues.

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To Your Abundance!

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