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Dead Broke?
How to Make More Money in Network Marketing


Not too long ago I was dead broke and in personal foreclosure, people always ask me about how to make more money when you are down and out, this post and video will help!

If you are frustrated with not making progress, this will be a great resource for you.

How to Make Money in Network Marketing

There honestly should be no confusion as to what will get you to make more money when it comes to network marketing.

The person that makes more money is the person that invites more people to check out their opportunity and or product, period.

What I see happen is people invest infinitely too much time doing everything BUT expose people to their deal, hence, the ONLY way they can make more money is the only activity they barely or just won’t do.


Feel free to quote me on this…

“If you want to make more money in direct sales or network marketing, invite more people to check out your presentation” – Ray Higdon

It really isn’t rocket science is it? Then why don’t more do it?

Why most people stay dead broke

They stare at their results instead of their habits. They stare at the empty spots in their network marketing org chart versus the habits that are dictating that their slots SHOULD be empty. The most common error here is NOT talking to enough people. The below video will help guide you on what I did to get out of being dead broke and how I started to make more money just a few months in.

Video: Make More Money Now

Did that video grab ya? I was a little fired up, hope it inspires you to do what I suggest in that video, if you do, your life will change, you will make more money and you can thank me later. =)

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To Your Abundance!

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