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Day One of Top Earner Academy #teal2014


top earner academyHere are some notes from day one of Top Earner Academy in Orlando. Power packed day and day two is about to begin!

What is Top Earner Academy?

My wife and I created Top Earner Academy to address a need in the home business profession to help people build their home business profitably while also, at the same time, branding themselves to be more valuable to their marketplace. This is our second annual event and we LOVE to help people create breakthroughs in their marketing AND their mindset.

Top Earner Academy is NOT just another network marketing event that teaches prospecting, recruiting and mindset, we actually teach you the exact steps of how to build a following, develop your brand AND generate leads (as well as all the traditional stuff).

(By the way, if you were NOT able to attend live or watch live online, you CAN purchase the recordings here)

What Happened on Day One

We started out Top Earner Academy with my wife and I sharing our story and then we went into a deep visualization process that helped people see what they could accomplish in a 12 month period. Some came and told me that was really powerful for them.

My wife then shared her social media recruiting strategies for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I dove deep into cold and warm market prospecting and closing.

It is CRITICAL nowadays to know how to talk to people on social media as almost everyone that joins network marketing at least has Facebook. Knowing how to create conversations with people you may be connected with but don’t know is one of the most valuable skills you can develop and Jessica did an amazing job teaching and training on this exact topic.

Next my wife dove into Team Building and duplication and I have to say, in my personal opinion, that it was the most complete team building training I have ever seen. She broke down how to run contests, how to create team synergy and vision as well as how to handle team calls or webinars. Learning team building WILL not only help you reach the top but will also help you from investing too much time in certain areas of the business.

I covered questions from the audience and we had a lot of fun. By the way, there were a SLEW of superstars in the audience that are not even speaking on stage such as Nick Unsworth (pictured above), Diane Hochman, Cedrick Harris and many, many more.

The Man, Kevin Harrington

top earner academyWe came back from lunch and I had my good friend Jake talk about the Missy Project which is a charity that is near and dear to my heart that helps with early detection of Brain Aneurysms and then we brought on Mr Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington!

For those that may not know, Kevin Harrington is the inventor of the infomercial, has generated over four billion dollars in revenue and was one of the Sharks in the first seasons of ABC’s Shark Tank.

Kevin gave an INCREDIBLE presentation about how to crush it in sales and become a key person of influence.

My audience LOVED HIM and the super cool thing was I have worked out a deal with Kevin in that if someone connected to me has an idea for an invention or an infomercial that they can send it to me and I can run it past Kevin, neat right?

We are so grateful to have had Kevin Harrington at Top Earner Academy and excited for all the future business we will do together!

Get Ready for Today!

Yesterday was a lot of prospecting and recruiting and today is ALL about marketing, branding and lead generation. IF you want to take your business to the next level and you wanna learn how we generate over 2,000 leads a month as well as over $100,000 a month in product sales, make sure you are paying attention today!

To Your Abundance!

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