I’ve been doing daily videos for years now. And it has really changed the game for my business.

Today I’m sharing why it’s so important to show up on video.

Why Creating Daily Videos Leads to Network Marketing Success

If you’re doing any sort of social media marketing or promoting of your product or service, you should absolutely be showing up on video.

Why? Because it completely changes people’s perception of you, it helps you highlight what you’re doing in a clearer light, and it sets you up for success down the line.

Showing up daily on videos has allowed me to build a strong community of network marketers by connecting and coaching people as if I was in the room with them.

Posting pictures vs. videos comes across completely different online, and you would be able to create a more loyal following if you posted videos daily of you providing value.

Tell them what your product or service does, not what it is. Explain how your product or service would provide value for people and why they need to have it.

Here’s a few other reasons why creating daily videos leads to network marketing success.

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