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Creating a New You

You know it, and I know it, it’s time to start creating a new you. There is just something in the air lately when I talk to people and it seems a shift is occurring, this video will help.

Do You Want to Become Powerful?

First of all, what does that even mean…become powerful? It means whatever you want it to mean. Maybe it means becoming the president of the PTA or closing more sales or perhaps just having a new relationship with your children, to become powerful means a new way of being with something or someone in your life.

The Wrong Way to Creating a New You

From coaching a LOT of network marketers and home business professionals, a lot of times I see people go about it all wrong. They identify all the things they DON’T have or DON’T like in their lives, typically by identifying the people in their life that DO have things (of course they just got lucky) but the bottom line is they come at this create a new you thing from a source of negativity.

If you take the time to ask someone who has created a transformation in their life, health-wise, wealth, mindset, relationships, etc, they may certainly have started with being sick and tired of a certain area of their life but that is not where they stopped. They took the next step AFTER the pain which most people never do. They identified not just what they didn’t have or didn’t like and ALSO identified what they truly wanted and more importantly, WHO THEY WANTED TO BECOME. Go ahead, ask them if they had a vision of who they wanted to be, they did, or I bet they never actually transformed.

Video: How to Create a New You


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Remember, there are two steps, 1) Identifying what you do not want or have, and 2) THEN identifying what you want and who you want to become in whatever area of your life!

To Your Abundance!

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