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Creating a Lifestyle that You Love

From our Honeymoon in Fiji

From our Honeymoon in Fiji

What good is it to work hard if you aren’t creating a lifestyle that inspires you? This post will give you 5 suggestions to help with that!

You CAN Create your Life

When I was dead broke, I used to think that life was unfair, that we were hopeless to do much about it and we either had good things happen or not. The truth is, you can create your life in the exact way you want, with the right guidance and training.

It has NOTHING to do with luck. Sure, with the right mindset, action steps and coaching you WILL get lucky in certain areas but luck will not dictate the type of life you are to lead, you have much to say in regards to that!

5 Tips on Creating a Lifestyle Of YOUR Choosing

A guy at our Top Earner Academy this weekend asked me…

“How is your lifestyle though, it seems like you work all the time”

It’s true my wife and I produce a LOT of content (Two #1 Amazon Best Sellers this year, almost daily blogs and videos and new products) however, we have done it our way. With the right focus and balance you can have it all, a massive income WITH time to spend with family and friends. These 5 tips will help you for creating a lifestyle you love!

1. Create passive income. If you have money coming into your house and NONE of it is passive, you are not free. If you have not read the classic “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“, I highly suggest you get it and possibly even the “CashFlow Quadrant” by the same author. Passive income is money that comes in whether you are working for that stream or not.

2. Be coachable. I don’t know anyone who has created major success without coaches, mentors or mastermind groups.

3. Be willing to get uncomfortable. This MIGHT seem contrary to creating a lifestyle you love right? The truth is, don’t design a lifestyle based around your CURRENT fears or weaknesses, be willing to get uncomfortable and you WILL become more powerful (the video below goes in depth into this)

IMG_86064. Have fun! IF you want to maintain the desire to build your business, you don’t want to sabotage it by working so hard you forget to smell the roses…in Fiji, Hawaii or wherever else you wish to travel! We have met some of our now best clients or students while traveling, creating a lifestyle that includes having fun is CRITICAL!

5. Build Your list. Be someone of value like I talked about in yesterdays video and build your list. Having a list that respects and follows you allows you to easily promote products, connect with people all over the world and if you give enough value, make money with the push of a button. It takes time and effort to build that kind of list, but, it’s worth it!

Video: 5 Tips to Design Your Lifestyle

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To Your Abundance!

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