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Create Success By
Tapping into Past Success


Life is kind of like a casino. Most people win at some point, but not everyone holds on to their winnings or winning attitude. This post will help you realize how to create success by tapping into what created that past success for you.

First, Think of a Past Success

Let me start with my example with real estate investing. I read my first book on real estate in April of 2004 and by June me and a partner (who started reading on real estate slightly after me) bought our first duplexes. To say we didn’t have a clue what we were doing would be a massive understatement. We didn’t have any connections with handymen so we tried to do everything ourselves, which, was brutally horrible. We also had no idea on how to actually be landlords so we did everything wrong.

I then got into flipping houses and even though I was clueless, was still able to make some serious money without understanding half of what most people SHOULD know when dealing in real estate in regards to how to protect yourself, how to spend your money and how to gauge your returns. The point of this story is even though I didn’t have ALL the knowledge, skill, experience or even lots of money, I did it anyway.

Your turn, think of a time when you had a past success. Did you create success because all the stars were aligned perfectly or did you just do it and figure it out later? Chances are, you decided to create success, did it and then figured all the things you should have known before but didn’t.

You Can Still Create Success That Way!

Right now you may be thinking that back when you had a past success, you were just young and dumb and didn’t know better, well, guess what, you can be that way now too!

Erase from your mind that you need to have everything perfect or that you need to have all your affairs in order or your mindset in order and instead just BE that person that created the success in the past and DECIDE to create success no matter what temporary circumstances your ordinary senses are telling you exist. You can create success by tapping into the person you were BEING when you created that past success.

Creating Self Esteem to Increase Self Confidence

Be very aware of your vocabulary. The all important “I am” is to be guarded with reverence. Never use an “I am” statement with any combination of words that do not serve you and your higher calling. Also, as you step into being the type of person you were when you created past success, you will start to feel better about what MIGHT be versus what your senses tell you IT IS. Know that from poverty, depression, and ill-health you can create success when you choose to. There are too many documented stories of rags to riches to argue against this point, stop arguing for your limitations else you truly want them.

To your abundance!

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