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Create Products or
Build Your MLM Business Opportunity?

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With the Internet age it is real popular nowadays to create your own MLM products around training or coaching but is this the right move or should you focus more on your MLM business opportunity? This is a tough question and we will tackle it in this blog post.

Products or Your MLM Business Opportunity?

In the last year or so I have created a lot of different training products and I think a lot of people wonder which is my main focus, am I more focused on my MLM business opportunity or creating products?

My focus is and always will be building my residual income and I believe network marketing is the lowest risk and lowest overhead way to do this. However, from learning from the greats like Orrin Woodward, Randy Gage, Eric Worre, Big Al Schrieter, Dani Johnson and many, many others, it is cool IF you have an abundance mindset and AFTER you build a network marketing business legitimately to share some of your knowledge with the industry and be able to give back AND make a profit doing so. Here is what I have noticed of lately though is a LOT of people creating training products as a means to make a living BEFORE they have built a successful MLM business opportunity (or have no intention of doing so) and I think that approach is too “job-like” and may not be the best use of someone’s initial time.

But won’t people in a different MLM business opportunity use your training to build something else?

This is a question from someone who only believes there is only so much to go around. I believe, like many of the trainers I mentioned before, that we live in an abundant world where ALL of us (without hurting each other) can make millions and impact millions in this industry. IF you have value that you have learned overtime that people WANT, help the industry out and get it out there BUT I would never want to rely solely on a training/product business as that seems like too much work to me lol. Fun for the time being, but give me that fat residual income check ANYDAY!

Some Gotchas To Know About IF you create generic training

IF you decide to follow my suggestion on building a successful MLM business opportunity BEFORE you create products (it is what I did) then there are some things you want to be aware of:

1. You will have team members that misunderstand your intentions. They may even complain about you to corporate. They don’t see that the more value you put out there the better exposure the company and opportunity get and the more people you will attract into your business and just see you as a distracting force.

Remedy for this is to not let this bring you down, it WILL happen, you stay the course and you will outlast this concern. MLM trainers have been doing this since the early years of network marketing and there are many successful teams that were built by generic trainers. IF you are addicted to the idea of no one ever talking behind your back or you want everyone to approve 100% of what you do, it ain’t gonna happen IF you create another income stream through MLM products.

2. You will want to stick with one company. To create products and also jump around may be just too much and could very well damage your reputation.

3. Creating products and coaching people outside your company is sorta like a job. NOT the way I want to rely on the majority of my income but fun to do and VERY educational for all parties. My main income (by far) is still my MLM business opportunity and to continue to grow that IS the way to go in my opinion and my suggestion for you!

OK, but what do YOU think?

I realize this is NOT an easy topic to cover, what do you think? Do you think one should wait until they have success in their company like I did and believe? Or, is that hogwash or is EVER creating generic MLM products a bad idea? Gimme your valuable feedback at the bottom!

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