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Create a Vision
Instead of Reasons
for MLM Success


From coaching a LOT of people striving for MLM success, there is one factor I have found that beats all others, you must create a vision!

What Happens when you DON’T Create a Vision?

When you fail to create a vision and instead just have reasons to work toward MLM success, here’s what happens:

– You get discouraged easily
– You hunt for online videos justifying why your company or opportunity isn’t the best
– You let people’s opinions affect your work habits
– You seek approval and acceptance, and, because you didn’t create a vision, you mainly receive negative feedback
– You start to look for things outside of you to create MLM success for you (such as tools, scripts, etc.)

Does any of that sound familiar? IF you have taken the time to create a vision, it probably doesn’t, however, for most, every one of those reasons may just hit home.

Creating a Vision

In the video I talk about when I felt like a loser and the exact pain as well as what pleasure drove me to creating a vision of MLM success and what exactly it meant to me. You see, I had been deeply depressed and dead broke for over a year and was waiting for something outside of me to help me. Here’s what I want you to understand…

“It is what is IN you that will dictate your success, nothing outside of you can ever guarantee YOUR success”

But What If THEY Tell me Why it Won’t Work?


“They” are always talking aren’t they? They will tell you that you cannot create MLM success as only the people at the top make money, or the product is overpriced, or the economy won’t support what you are doing.

“They” will always talk. They talked when I decided to create a vision to become the number one earner in my company. They talked when I said I would speak at industry events. They talked when my wife and I made our first million in commissions, let me assure you, THEY WILL ALWAYS TALK.

IF you take the time to create a vision of what success means to you and what it will look like, their talk will stop slowing you down. The video below goes into more detail.

Video on Creating Your Vision

So yes, I did get a little emotional there. I hope to see you in Vegas if you are going! Share this around if you feel it might help some others out there.

To Your Abundance!

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