Craigslist Marketing for MLM Recruiting:
Recruited 9 People in One Week!


Christopher and Kellie Royal have been using Craigslist marketing to CRUSH it.

IF you wanna try a different method for MLM recruiting, be sure to listen to this interview.

Usually Not a Fan of Craigslist Marketing…

Some of you may have heard me talk about Craigslist marketing and typically, I am just not a fan. MOST of the people that I have ever talked to about Craigslist marketing has shared with me that they get a LOT of low quality people that are terrible to talk to and all searching for jobs instead of work from home opportunities.

However, I am also committed to helping ALL network marketing get more leads, generate more sales and become top earners in their network marketing company so if I find someone crushing a certain strategy, well, I am gonna share it with all of you.

Some Pointers from This Interview

Not to spoil it but before you listen to the below interview between me and Kellie Royal out of Wilmington, North Carolina, here are two main pointers I suggest you fully embrace IF you are going to attempt to use Craigslist marketing for MLM recruiting.

1. Qualify. Listen to how she talks about qualifying in her ad. You don’t get paid to talk on the phone or to get the phone to ring, you get paid to get others to make a buying decision.

2. Disqualify. In the cold marketing game you aren’t attempting to recruit every person you ever talk to, you are looking to quickly disqualify those who aren’t open or aren’t going to make a buying decision.

My Interview with Kellie Royal

Was that helpful? First of all realize that Kellie most certainly did NOT have to share her secrets so freely as she ISN’T selling some craigslist marketing program or anything like that so please leave a comment below thanking her for sharing. Follow her tips IF you are looking for an alternate way to boost your MLM recruiting and feel free to share this with your team as this just might give them the boost to generate some leads and start recruiting!

To Your Abundance!

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